About us

In today’s hard to imagine a business where information is not available on the Internet.

It may be just a link in the catalog or on the bulletin board, and can be a full-fledged online store. Our team will gladly offer you the options of your online business.

We can do projects completely different level – are ready to implement the requests from a simple banner advertising and advertising in newspapers and the Internet to large projects, and we can just hold consultation and suggest what exactly you need in the current period.

Details of our services are described in the relevant sub section Services and the following is a general list of what we can, and love can do.

With extensive experience in the implementation of various types of Internet projects we are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Register to Google (the creation of Google+ pages, placing your business on Google-maps).
  • Creation of sites, as well as mini-sites and sites of business cards;
  • Create a landing-page – a one-page websites about products and brands with an appeal by leave contact information;
  • Banner and contextual advertising (Advertising boards, resources of various subjects, advertising campaigns in search engines Google Adwords, Yandex Direct);
  • Creating and maintaining groups in social media;
  • Registration of domain names in different zones (the possibility of obtaining a domain name on our site PROSTO SiteName.prosto.co.il format);
  • Print printing and souvenir products;
  • Advertising in newspapers and social networks.

If you still do not know exactly what is required for your business – call or leave your request and we will contact ourselves with you and show you how and what needs to be done.

Our motto – PROSTO! Websites – it’s PROSTO. Advertising – it’s PROSTO. Promotion – It’s PROSTO.

You just have to turn to the professionals!